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A Poet I’m Not But I’ll Write A Poem For You

A poet I’m not
But you inspire.
I’ve never had the right words
When you’re a shadow before me.
Instinct begs me
Skip the small talk,
Step right to the universe,
Dip into our souls.
But where do you fall?
Silent we stare at the sky.
The universe begs for more.
Somehow we continue
Strange how the soul calls.


Letters from inside my head

6 thoughts on “A Poet I’m Not But I’ll Write A Poem For You

  1. I liked the flow and how you moved us from a shadow to a look at he sky and then the universe words…
    Oh and for some reason I had “insects” in the shadow –
    Which I think is that “gestalt” kind of grouping the mind does –
    And with a quick red I filled in “Instinct begs” as insect bugs –
    So I slowed down and read on – ๐Ÿ˜‰

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