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In The Name of Control

It is an act of happenstance that humans age. We were supposed to be the all supreme, controllers of our environment and all that means.

At least, that’s what this book says. Personally, I’ve never felt one bit in control of this life. Try telling your military commanders or your knuckleheaded children to just go with the flow. They laugh in your face and tell you to put your glasses back on so you can see reality. 

They’ll see one day. All these lies in the name of control will fall away. Someone will need glasses, it won’t be me.


Word Count: 100
For Friday Fictioneers AND the RDP word of the day: happenstance
2 for 1!
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13 thoughts on “In The Name of Control

  1. Sometimes it feels like it might be better to admit defeat and stop trying to control things…but then what would those commanders and children get up to if left unchecked? Nice take on the prompt.


  2. This is really good, Kelley. We like to pretend we have some power, at least over our own lives, but control, even self-control, and free will are all myths. You conveyed that well. Of course, you’re a good writer, so I should expect nothing less.


    1. Thank you! I really, really appreciate it. I think we do have some control over ourselves and how we react to things but any greater image of control can usually be traced somewhere else. Of course, human’s fear change so attempts to control are a response (it seems to me anyway).


      1. That’s a good point. We do fear change to the point we allow ourselves to be controlled. I think, too many of us would rather be pacified than think, which leads to them allowing others to make the important decisions.


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