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I imagine the breeze rustling the trinkets dangling above me. I even hear them in some distant space, clanking against each other ruefully. I can see them battling for space, a place to occupy my mind. 

I remember watching TV. Knights clashed their swords together for the attention of some distant maiden. Sunlight carves stark lines across my single mattress like the scales of a dragon’s belly.

I’m careful with this one possession. I lay still but not for long out of fear my waif body will destroy it.

I sink into the lines, willing the beast to devour me.

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Word Count: 100
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Letters from inside my head

20 thoughts on “Possession

  1. Dear Kelley,

    The atmosphere is heavy in this piece. I’m not sure if the dragon is a piece of jewelry or something else. Nonetheless she’s very protective of it. Nicely done.




  2. The title led me to think of demonic possession. The last line seemed to reinforce that. I love the way you told us so much but didn’t truly answer all the questions 🙂


  3. Terrific writing, Kelley. You describe the situation beautifully. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the MC is in the last days/hours of dying of cancer. It’s the waif body, and the beast devouring her that make me think that – and the fact that she’s too frail to interact with the world, she’s just a passive observer.


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