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Pin Cushions Look Like Tomatoes

“That things a voodoo doll.”
Lori kneeled down beside her sister. 
“It is not.”
The duo peered into the room where Ms. Mack snored with her mouth agape towards the ceiling.
“Of course it is. Why do you think your stomach always hurts when we’re here?” Lori tapped the side of Jules head. “Think about it.”
“It’s a pin cushion you meathead.”
“No, a pin cushion looks like a tomato.” Lori nodded towards the coffee table where Ms. Mack’s sewing supplies spread over the edges and onto the floor. “Hers has little people on it. All the kids she watches.”


Word Count: 100
Friday Fictioneers


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23 thoughts on “Pin Cushions Look Like Tomatoes

  1. I have that exact same pincushion.. in fact, I made a rather involved retablo that included it. If I can find the blog I did on it, I’ll include a link. A real surprise to see it in your blog.


  2. If you looked at this immediately, please look again as I found a better photo of the entire retablo that shows the second little guy in blue almost ready to escape. Is this the next step up from playing with dollhouses, do you think?


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