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The Road He Built

When the wrecking ball crashed into his childhood bedroom the crowd gasped. Dawes felt glee tinged with betrayal. 

He could practically hear his mom, “how could you?!”

It’s just a house. He reasoned her nonexistent voice away.

“But the land. Your father!”

Dawes found himself pulling up his bank account on his phone. One glance reminded him why.

Those zero’s are worth it.

The wrecking ball crashed through his family’s living room.

“You’re not MY son.” Years later it still stung but Dawes shrugged it off.

But I am his and he built this road. It’s always been his plan.

PHOTO PROMPT © Mikhael Sublett

Word Count: 100
For Friday Fictioneers


Letters from inside my head

13 thoughts on “The Road He Built

  1. Who needs houses? We need roads. There are enough people living on the street already. What’s a few more?

    My friend’s aunt and uncle lost their house to eminent domain (I think) so the city could tear it down to widen a road. Dawes doesn’t seem too upset about it, but they were.


      1. Put all the trees in a tree museum and charge a dollar and a half just to see ’em?

        And a road us just a road. I think the forced move would be the worst part.


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