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In The Name of Adventure

Elias slipped his sleeve over his fingers and rubbed the window. In his dreams he was a master treasure hunter traveling the globe in search of the “the big one”. 

Through patchy fog Elias could see a rainbow arching into the harbor. 

He picked at the fuzzy bunny knitted onto his shirt while thinking the plan through. 

Getting to the harbor was easy, his parents wouldn’t be mad if he looked both ways when he crossed the street. 

The boats would start leaving soon. One of them would take him to the rainbow’s end. 

Elias had no time to waste.

PHOTO PROMPT © Jeff Arnold

Word Count: 100
For Friday Fictioneers


Letters from inside my head

7 thoughts on “In The Name of Adventure

  1. Oh, dear. With a fuzzy bunny knitted into his sweater, I’d say this boy isn’t old enough to be venturing off on his own. Scary possibilities here. Well written.


  2. That’s where pirates come from. Trade in that bunny for a parrot and an eye-patch. Arrrrggg!

    This is a portrait well-painted of kids and their fantasies. I don’t think he’ll make it very far. The road at the farthest. Somebody’s going to hit him. Kids are worth the most points.


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