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What is Coaching?

I’ve been writing about coaching lately but I haven’t really explained what coaching is.

I’ve found that people have very different definitions of coaching. In my case coaching is the process of guiding someone to the answers they have within themselves and helping them to raise their awareness around their own energy.

For example, you will be less invested in doing the work towards a goal if you have an overall negative outlook and energy around that goal. Coaching facilitates exploring if your goal is truly what you want, raising your energy and outlook and also setting manageable steps towards the goal you wish to achieve.

It’s something often overlooked. We have the answers to our own questions/problems/desires. Sometimes we’re scared of them. Sometimes we can’t quite connect the dots between them. Sometimes we have to dig for them. Coaching facilitates those processes.

For me, coaching is about what you want and how to help you get there. It focuses on asking questions that are thought provoking and meant to encourage your inner exploration but also on goal setting and accountability.

In talking to the community at large about coaching and what someone needs and wants creatively from a coach and coaching relationship, I’ve been given a lot of good points.

Now I’m asking you guys!

If you were to hire a coach to help you creatively, whether it’s writing, another creative endeavor or bringing creative thought/processes into your job or life, what are some things you would want to be coached on. What qualities would you look for in a coach?


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6 thoughts on “What is Coaching?

    1. Ooh, thank you. Skill is something I’ve heard from a few people. If you were to hire a coach to help with, for example writing, would you look for just skill in writing or also in your particular genre?


      1. I would look at their writing and see if I like it. It is definitely an advantage to have their expertise in your particular genre. If they don’t write themselves, ask to see what writers they admire. If you agree that this is writing you admire and enjoy, then you know you have the same ends in mind.

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  1. In my coaches I look to their availability to listen first, and try to see if they are a fit. I tend to be lengthy in the way I express myself and so it is difficult to have people that 1) are able to follow me and 2) are able to make me recap. In essence, when I feel both listened and challenged I feel that the conversation is going well, and that the coach is a good match for me.


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