Straight to purgatory

Do you enjoy your job?

Do I enjoy my job? Of course. I travel all over the world, meet all kinds of people … I also get a free company issued tablet. Companies can’t officially say they provide equipment to the underworld so we just say tablet, but it has a fruit of a certain persuasion on the back. It’s seen better days, it was like new until a mobster bled all over the screen. I cleaned it off but it never quite functioned the same. Yesterday I tried to book in an older woman and the tablet just wouldn’t take her information. She was irate – ready to get things over with – and stupid me, I was just holding her up. She stomped, cried and demanded a manager. She was not impressed when I spun up a cloud of soot then reintroduced myself as the manager and owner of We Reap Souls LLC. Unfortunately for her that final performance sealed her fate. Straight into purgatory where no one cares how loud she complains.

I am fully aware this is not what these prompts are for but I’m repurposing them to get back to writing practice. Thanks WordPress. Also, hello. I’ve missed you and I hope things are going well.

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