Bold but Beautiful

What was the best compliment you’ve received?

The best compliment I’ve received? Ooh, let me show you. Probably this one, right here. Right down the hall here, in this corner.

Dark? Oh yeah, it is a little dark in this part of the house. Don’t worry though, the compliment is on the wall right there.

“This is such nice wallpaper, bold but beautiful” – Isn’t that nice? I really pride myself on my interior design abilities. I took a risk on this wallpaper and it’s nice to be acknowledged for that.

What’s that? Blood? Oh … yeah, I guess it’s written in blood. That makes it even nicer right? Someone took time out of their routine to compliment me, amazing.

Haunted? Oh, totally but we have an agreement. I mean, it’s obviously a nice poltergeist. I leave the occasional snack and they let me sleep in peace.

5 responses to “Bold but Beautiful”

  1. SimplyGoodVibesCo Avatar


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  2. Nope! Lol. Nope. Nope. Lol. But I love what you did with the prompt. Lol!

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