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Well, hi there.

It’s been a while, I understand if you don’t recognize me.

How to fully explain where I’ve been … (if you care I suppose).

I’ve posted 22 times this year. Slightly under last years 25. I guess there has been a pandemic right?

Lately, I’ve thought a lot about my lack of writing and my creative slump. I crave creativity, it makes me feel good and I want to chase that feeling … but I’m also working 3 (2 1/2 really) jobs.

I’ve also been on a kick for the last few years to really work on me. I felt like I’d been living from a place of survival, like I was still clawing my way back from some of the not-as-good places I’d been in my life.

Not only does it leave me feeling behind but when I finally get to a point where I no longer think I need to “just survive” I don’t know what to do with that. Pulling myself upwards no longer really worked because I was on a different type of path.

In short, it’s been a couple of reflective years and between that and everything else I had nothing creative coming to me. I thought I should have, there was definitely some content there, but maybe I was too close to it.

Anyway, one of my goals now is to create a new writing schedule and stick to it. Hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other.

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Then What?

Though memories of childhood
Often elude my grasp
I remember moments
And words muttered
Which were never kind
Or instilling those things needed
To exist beyond their grasp
It occurs to me
Every now and then
This is why I thought life
Was worthy of nothing
Maybe death
But then what?
Said like a snake slithering
Escaping the stomping feet of the world
Then what?
A place in what lies beyond
Floating in darkness that swallows all
Then what?
Nothingness is crushing
To swim forever
Wishing you’d come upon a shore
But then
I chose to exist
Outside those words
Seemed the better alternative

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Eggs and Butter

It’s not really the smell of cooking eggs that I hate. 

It’s the nose curdling smell of burning butter. 

The smell of an incoming fight as my sister and I struggle to properly fry eggs for my dad’s plate. It sets into the nose, waving disgust throughout the face. 

It’s the sneer as he gazes upon broken yolks.

It becomes the increasingly fraught silence as he refuses to eat. Then tears, as my mother stares everywhere but at the glaring reality.

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Wave / Figment

RDP: Wave
FOWC: Figment

These waves are a figment of my imagination
Of our collective belief
Problems washed out to sea
Pulled away as we lounge on the shore
A collective fatigue
Roasting on the boardwalk
We try to collect it
Pay copper coins to taste it
They clang into an endless bucket
While our tongues shrivel
There’s no water here
No salve for our burns
These waves wash us out to sea

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Mental Wanderings

My mind is wandering

Sinking in the sand

Riding cresting waves

Dappled light clearing the way

Cutting through

Water heavy with salt

We can’t help but float away

When will we know we’re lost

Where the moon rests on the coast

A horizon ever pulling back

Tempting our dreams

Foaming with life

Treading thick seams

How will we know

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Austere / Lollygag

Welcome back to Stream of Consciousness Sundays, where I have a random word and write for whatever comes to mind for a certain amount of time (5-10 minutes). Today is 5 minutes (more or less)

Word: Austere – FOWC & Lollygag – RDP

Austere words line the hall

Pictures in which we lay

Slow smiles lollygag across the face

Spilled milk resting in the valleys

Against graham peaks

Bury me there

Where lesions are eased

I’ve been busy for months it seems. At some point I decided to start my own business which has preoccupied me like nothing else. I know I need to make time to write though and have been working on freeing time up for that.