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QPD – Puppies

It’s day 5 billion of distancing/quarantining etc’ing.

In other news, this blog is officially 4 years old. I started it in 2016 and used it pretty sparingly at first.

Enjoy some puppy (full grown adult dog) pictures to brighten your day

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QPD – What Day Is It Again?

Things are getting a little trippy. This is an instagram filter and I just happened to get lucky while playing with it.

My schedule has been completely decimated by this staying home thing (I think most people can say the same). I find myself playing with things like Instagram filters just so I don’t really have to think about anything else. My days have started to take on a weird shape. I wake up, I work remotely, my workday ends, dinner, family, pets then suddenly it’s 10PM and the scenery has barely changed.

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QPD – The Stress

Today’s quarantine photo diary is the final stand of my “happy quarantine/social distancing” flowers. They tried to make it but alas …

I’m feeling more and more this way about my current job and working remotely. I work in a global environment and lockdowns are making things hard. There’s so much to do and so many people involved in every piece of it that it’s overwhelming. I understand because of the situation globally everyone’s tightening their grips to maintain control but … we all know control is an illusion.

I want to thank you guys for your support of my little poetry collection. I appreciate it more than I can say.

How’s everybody doing?

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QPD – Easter

Happy Easter to all who are celebrating. It’s been raining all night and day here. There was a break of a few hours in between and as the sun started setting there were these clouds. I like the contrast and colors.

How has your holiday been?

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QPD – Starry Nights

Today is siblings day which may be a Facebook invented holiday. Ironically this Easter all of my siblings will be in town.

For our photo of the day I present a cell phone pic of the stars taken while outside with my dogs (but not the teen because laying in bed trumps outside time). My neighborhood doesn’t have streetlights which cuts down on light pollution. Sometimes I can actually see a lot of stars and to my surprise my phone can get a picture of some of them (I acknowledge it’s not particularly good).

Also, remember that poetry collection I said I was editing. That’s all done and it will be available on amazon really soon.

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QPD: Tornado Watches

It certainly doesn’t look stormy in the picture. As it warms up we’re still victims of various cold fronts traversing the country. Warm air and cold air don’t play nicely.

At least rain makes the best sleeping weather which I can really appreciate right now. I’ve found myself struggling to stay awake during the days. I even took a nap on my lunch break today. It’s that foggy overwhelmed tired topped with actual exhaustion from not sleeping well at night. I’m told this makes sense and that all of this lock down and distancing stuff is actually kind of traumatic.

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QPD: Taco Tuesday

It’s taco Tuesday so I present my very non-traditional black bean chipotle tacos (made and eaten on Monday)

I love to cook but this time of staying in hasn’t really inspired me to experiment in the kitchen more.

I know people are making bread like crazy (I don’t really understand why). Maybe this weekend, since Easter is coming up, I’ll really dive into it and come out with a fresh loaf of carby goodness.

Are you making bread? Are you cooking more? Have any good recipes?

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Quarantine Photo Diary – 2

What’s more introvert comforting than curling up in a blanket and hiding for a little while?

I think now, more than ever, I have this desire to be strong in every way. Sometimes that’s physically, emotionally … sometimes it’s in handling everything with a devil may care attitude. But I have to remember that this is still a time of stress, abnormality and vulnerability.

Last night was a new yoga practice that centered on vulnerability. It was apt that it was a practice that focused on being gentle and recognizing and expanding your limits in a time when we’re all being pushed beyond them.

FYI, yoga with Adriene on YouTube is a must for at home practice.

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Quarantine Photo Diary

I received “Happy Quarantine/Distancing” flowers from a friend about a week ago. Now they’re starting to wilt. I feel like this applies to most things I feel right now. I like working remotely but doing it all the time makes the job unecessarily hard and it’s already unecessarly hard in its own right.

I’ve been using what free time I find to work on editing and arranging poetry for a collection I hope to release in the next month. Free time is still scarce though and everything that normally still has to be done is still there, needing to be done. My teenager *to no one’s surprise* does not like chores or doing school work even though she’s not in school.

I hope everyone is taking care of themselves in this very weird time. Let me know how you’re doing and what you’ve been up to?