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Quarantine Photo Diary – 2

What’s more introvert comforting than curling up in a blanket and hiding for a little while?

I think now, more than ever, I have this desire to be strong in every way. Sometimes that’s physically, emotionally … sometimes it’s in handling everything with a devil may care attitude. But I have to remember that this is still a time of stress, abnormality and vulnerability.

Last night was a new yoga practice that centered on vulnerability. It was apt that it was a practice that focused on being gentle and recognizing and expanding your limits in a time when we’re all being pushed beyond them.

FYI, yoga with Adriene on YouTube is a must for at home practice.

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A Moment

I press my back into the brick. Vibrations pulse through it, controlling my heartbeat.

What am I doing here? And how do I explain?

The beat tapers but I’m racked with questions. I don’t notice the steady thumps gone silent or the crowd dispersing into the night.

I have to decide. Blind faith carried me this far, my feet can stumble a few more steps.

Scared but resolved, I fling myself from the wall. But I’m halted as I come face to face with my anxiety. 

Then I see your eyes. The world stills if only for a second.

For the flash fiction challenge at Carrot Ranch