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Blanket / Article

RDP: Blanket
FOWC: Article

Mia had a blanket made of the articles written about her. Articles questioning her wardrobe, her hair, her parenting and on and on. Some were reviews of her stage performances, both good and bad but many were her villainization.

“Nightmare to work with” said one.

“Absent.” simply said another.

“Son will never speak to her again.” Blared the biggest headline.

The aging pieces, haphazardly stapled together, covered her king sized bed. 

Mia hauled the blanket to the back garden, draping it over the fire pit she created. In a rush of orange flame and sudden warmth, she lit one corner and watched it spread.

Have you guys ever literally burned something from the past? This is a ritual I like for the new year. You write down something you wish to release and burn it.