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Float Among Galaxies

Flying through space and time

“Faster! Faster!” We cry.

We could die, it would be possible.

I can lean back and see everything,

I’m floating among galaxies

While dragging along the gutters.

Everything’s so beautiful from here.

Up or down, it no longer matters.

I’m but a bit of dust among these stars.

It never occurs to me that the rain is splattering the road

With oily traps made for little cars like this

Or that I’m not the only person floating in space,

Careening through oily gutter streams.

But I could die tonight and it would be ok

Because I’m loaded again anyway.

My head’s been filled with daydreams;

The stars could take me under their wings.

My particles could return home in pieces as they came.

But lying here in the road tonight,

It never occurs to me that this isn’t where I belong

Or that maybe one day you’d miss me.

Because all I can do is float among galaxies,

And drag along the gutters.

But I could die tonight,

And that would be ok.

Because it never occurs to me,

That you won’t hear it

When the last things I can say

Float among the galaxies

And drop along the gutters.

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Lord Knows

There’s something written in the heavens, stolen by your pen, lord knows it’ll be a masterpiece once returned again.
All great poets ascended to the stars, leaving wisdom on a path that is only ours.
How shall you find it and what should you do?
My love, the Gods have plagiarized you.
Voices like honey and ink that scrolls divine, does nothing to betray the beauty of words you find.
Romeo and Juliet have no choice, they fall at your doorstep, battered and bruised in rejoice
Like all great loves they must pass through your inkwell, finding salvation; without, there is only true damnation.
But still the question falls to you, what ever shall you do?
My love, the stars saw inside your mind and stole the very words we struck out to enshrine.
For there was something written in the heavens, stolen by your pen
Lord knows, it’ll be a masterpiece once returned again.

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Dying Days

I love the moment of evening
When the day clings with increasing desperation
Painting the sky in smoky pinks and hazy grays
With a bleary brush of dying days.
Perhaps it says much about me
That I would prefer to watch
The slow extinguish of the day’s flame
Than the brilliant lighting
After the darkest hours.
How can it be
That someone comes to love
The descent into night,
So much more than the rescue
From seemingly endless blight?
Maybe there’s no fear of the dark
When the stars are so clear
And a million galaxies streak across the sky
In all brilliant colors only visible in those moments
After the day has died.

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Utopia Ruined (Little Piece)

Old writing dancing through my head tonight

… Because this world is perfect and hypothetically is our reality, we hover just above the line of thoughtfulness but just under the mark of beauty. We find ourselves skimming through every word with the careless abandon of the unintentionally wicked, yet we are always concious. Because this is utopia ruined, we have never been more unaware.

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