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58/365 Steam on the Road

Things have been boiling over
Crescendo until ….
Then the clouds break

I couldn’t get a picture of the actual steam coming off the road without using my real camera but by time I got home and inside to grab it the rain picked up and the steam was gone. 

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Bully in the China Shop

WordPress Daily Prompt – Visceral

There’s a bully in my china shop,
Swinging a bat made of words,
Breaking down my tender builds.

From the moment I began,
To the moment I finally run,
Leaving my shop in ruin

The bully in my china shop,
Pretends to be a friend,
He’ll help me build only to tear me down

Slinging the bat mercilessly,
While reminding that this is all my fault,
He turns my walls to dust at my feet.

I can’t go home tonight,
There’s a bully in my china shop,
Just waiting for me to whisper in the wrong tone

He’ll have the bat at the ready,
Destroying any new found treasure,
All to remind me that without him …

I am nothing.