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Demon in Disguise

Here we stand, on precipices of stars and skies. One step, a small breath, a slight breeze to tousle my hair. A lovers hand, gently swaying strands. Will he pull? Will he strike? Will he push me? Leave me to the night?

Not today it seems as we step away, a dance of carefully crafted precision. Dangerous games we play here on the ledge. Yet there’s a piece of me, rising again, demon in disguise.

She charges again and again, wild in her being, eyes chasing the sand. Determined and unsteadying she demands control of the wind. Throw me down she will so she can stand here too. Plucking the stars from their branches, shoving her hungry mouth full, she’ll devour the light within you.

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Burn It All

In the absence of the daily prompts (moment of silence …) I just used a random word generator to come with a one word prompt to do my free write with. If you want to write on it also and leave a pingback/link feel free. If you want to generate your own word click here

Prompt: Nursery

Music: The Vietnam War Original Score (by Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross)

The old wood door rattles with protest as I pull it shut. My cheeks are raw from tears. My eyes are sore, if that’s even possible.

The men outside stare, various shades of ghostly pale cheeks and split lips seem to reach for words but find none.

We trek down the stairs with their peeling carpet and 70’s themed wallpaper. The air downstairs seems physically lighter, a beam of light that should pierce the top floor but can’t seem to penetrate it instead floods the entrance way.

Outside the perfect American family on their perfect Bermuda grass huddles together in tears.

The men say nothing but at least they’re breathing now. The air by the nursery was so thick, so full of that mystical otherworldly heaviness that none could settle it into their lungs.

“What do we do?” Only one man asks, the others step back, letting him take the lead.

That poor family. 

I grasp the cross at my neck.

“Let them come in. Tell them to relax. Tell them we’ll be back in an hours time then lock the doors on your way out and burn it all.”


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Blacked Out Drunk

Blacked Out Drunk

I’ve always been afraid of the dark,

Yet here I sit in the sallow lights and echoing quiet of this paneled sun room.

Surrounded by faded childhood toys and furniture so old it creaks when you sigh,

Like the sighs from the main room of the house as they shoot up a sweet release.

I’ve never been much for the hard drugs, the heroine and coke I mean

No, I’ve taken a liking to the ones that leave you breathless in piles of your own sweat and vomit.

Drugs like alcohol and the pure adrenaline pumping through my veins as we race through the streets wondering if this will be the day

When the dark and I meet to finally settle these differences

Demon to demon, blood thirsty, craving the fall …

Today wasn’t the day.

So here I sit in the sun room staring into the darkness with a half empty case of beer and an empty bottle of Jack.

Did I drink that much already?

It’s not my fault.

It’s just that the alcohol falls down my throat,

The way the bath water did the night I was blacked out drunk

And when I came to, choking and struggling for air,

All he said was ‘if you didn’t wake up we were going to leave you on the corner for the ambulance to find.’

Nevermind that I’m naked and doused in cold water.

Nevermind that it’s January and the snow banks are taller than me.

Nevermind that it’s 2AM and dark outside and so quiet.

Tonight, I resolve, I won’t drink so much.

Except I already have and I can feel my demons closing in as the room starts to spin.

Maybe I’ll wake up drowning in the bath again,

Or perhaps this time they’ll leave me, with the booze and the drugs, on the corner for someone to find.

In the cold, naked and doused in water.

In the dark and the quiet.

Where the demons dare to seep into the recesses of idle minds.

But that’s the thing about the dark and the silence and the demons;

They’re so much easier to ignore when the alcohol is just falling down your throat,

And you’re always blacked out drunk.

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When I Drink …

WordPress Daily Prompt – Flavorful

My very flavorful wine inspired this rough 1st draft.

When I drink,
The demons come out to play.
I don’t know if you’ve ever had to roll with demons,
But let me just say,
They play in a little bit of a rough way.
They grab your mind with spiny hands,
And rip into your brain,
Tearing it and repairing it,
With spindly threads.
They shove their hands,
Deep into your soul,
Grabbing the layers,
And chunks,
Rearranging all the things,
You thought you knew,
All the truths,
No longer make sense,
You can’t tell if you’re remembering,
Or just making up stories as you go.
They tie your laces together,
And giggle as you trip through the door.
God knows they definitely don’t mind,
If you wanna take a drive.
They’ll GPS you to the nearest cliff,
Thelma and Louise style,
And shriek in glee the whole time.
You can try and lock yourself away,
Drink in peace,
But they can smell the alcohol.
Like bloodhounds,
They’ll sniff you out,
And set to teasing.