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Small – What Pegman Saw

“Breathe deep and count to three. When you wake up we’ll be done …”

Jessie’s eyes snapped open. For a man of 38 his back possessed a myriad of problems, waking up on the street never seemed to help matters.

Though it was snowing when the van plucked him from the corner this area was somewhat warm. There was light but surveying the sky Jessie couldn’t find the Sun. As his feet began sliding he noticed the street was covered in a yellow shellac.

In fact, every surface carried slick pastel colors.

Jessie had never heard of this side of town.

He wasn’t sure the “new life” promised was worth the uneasiness settling in his stomach.


“Fiona? Dave? I haven’t seen you two in weeks!” Dave covered Jessie’s mouth and pointed up.

“All done.” The sky jerked upwards as a monstrous hand deposited a new resident with a small thud.

Word Count: 150

For What Pegman Saw. This weeks location is Portmeirion Village, Wales. When I first saw it I thought “dollhouse” or a lego build … something colorful and childlike. Then, being me …

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Genie Ken

I’m paralyzed under my blankets. Only my eyes can dart to and fro, wild children running from nightmares. There’s a shadow dancing on the edge of my vision, it shimmy’s and shakes. It giggles and oh, does it quake. It brings the light then shuns it away, great blast followed by bellowing darkness.

Why the fuck is this happening?

The only warning I receive is my name echoing in chaotic overtures through the rooms of my small house when I’m jerked from the blankets unceremoniously.

Blue mountains peak and recede as the beastly shadow brings me in close to reveal its true form. I’m reflected back through the glossy tilt of it’s eyes. The beast looks like me in gargantuan proportions. It’s high pitched call threatens to shatter my eardrums.

“I have someone I want you to meet!”

I protest but the beast has me restrained. The wind as the beast whips me around rips at my hair like an abuser. I’m straining to keep my neck from snapping in two. I have to keep my eyes nailed shut or they may forever remain open.

Why the fuck is this happening?

The beast lets ungodly sounds of terror stream from it’s gaping mouth. Another voice bounces around the room.

“I’mmmm a ggeennie in a booottlllee!”

Suddenly my stomach is catapulted into my throat as I’m pushed down through a small opening into a room full of billowing curtains. A tan shirtless man with baggy pants greets me with a smile.

The booming voice lets out a shriek, “Here you go Barbie! It’s Genie Ken! You two get to know each other, I expect you to have lots of babies! And maybe divorces but first babies!”

Genie Ken’s smile falters.

“Please don’t take this personally,” He starts quietly, “But I’m totally gay.”