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Permit for Hope

Every full moon we’re given permits. On occasion they’ve felt like rocks, weighing down our souls. Sometimes they function as population control. 

The abstract isn’t something we’re terribly familiar with but I remember what it’s like to feel. When I was first brought here sadness compounded fear. Anger settled in next. A long lost cousin staying despite what I insisted. 

They dangle these permits, inspiring us with lust and greed. 

What shall we receive?

The paper melts away in my hand but not before I can read. A permit for hope, emotion I no longer crave.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Hope
Fandangos One Word Challenge: Permit

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Where Have You Gone

I comb my drafts for moments when I was real.
A crumb trail back to seconds I couldn’t feel.
I throwback sour liquors and sweet wines, one small glass at a time.
I tell myself the rest can flood the drain if these will just numb the brain.
I wish my life away, churning day dreams.
I wait for the moment when my soul detangles from yours
When I can no longer feel your heart ache in my bones.
I’m afraid
If I can’t feel, you’ll cease to be real.

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Pardon Me

I’m sorry,
What is it I’m radiating?
I don’t look happy?
What was that sigh you ask?
Pardon me.
Let me zip it, clip it
Put it back together.
I forgot.
Falling apart here
Is dipping in waters well known.
Excuse me.
My fault for displaying
Any emotion but what you feel.
You know I can’t read minds
But no,
You just don’t care.
Let me zip it, clip it
Put it back together here.
I forgot,
My fault
For displaying any emotion
Other than what you feel.