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WordPress Daily Prompt – Expect

As in, I did not expect this to work. I used a first line generator, first line was “Before the day of harmony the trees echo,”

Before the day of harmony the trees echo,
Below the mountainous bellow.
Begging to take cover,
Wild things trample over
Trembling ground;
Giving rise to roaring sound.
Hiding beneath cloudless skies,
Smoke snakes along paths of lies.
Desperate for salvation
We search for causation.
Missing truth among the darkness;
Unfeeling in our catharsis.
Before the day of harmony can return,
The world must first burn.

Please go take a look at The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch! We have some lovely and deep stories this week about writing through pain (or in my case around it). 

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It Shouldn’t Start This Way

I used a first line generator for today. The line was “The night was dark and stormy.”

“The night was dark and stormy.”

That’s how these stories are supposed to start. They shouldn’t begin with butterflies and rainbows but life is a mystery, just like Ofelia. She was everything I wasn’t. Tall and beautiful with long legs and short choppy dark hair. Her parents even let her wear makeup and have more than one ear piercing. She could paint her nails black and her clothes …

The closeted goth inside of me died a little every time I saw her. She was perfection.

Next to her I didn’t have to be Danielle the red headed step child with glasses and freckles. I didn’t have to be the weirdo who couldn’t wear makeup or have earrings like the other girls. I didn’t have to explain my long hair or my modest attire.

Beside Ofelia I wasn’t my mother’s demon spawn daughter that needed saving. I didn’t have to worry about my CD’s being broken or my books being burned. I didn’t have to explain my art, my dragons or my demons.

To Ofelia they were all infinitely “cool”. Next to Ofelia I could fade into the light that surrounded her darkness. She protected me, whether she knew it or not.

Perhaps that’s the only way to explain why we were digging a hole in the woods on a humid July night; or how we came to the point of burying a body together.

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The Kiss

First line generated at: First Line Generator

The kiss reminded him of chemistry lessons in school, when if the right two elements were put together, they’d explode.

He had failed chemistry but he couldn’t deny the cliche fireworks sparked by her soft lips. The taste of sweet wine and spicy curry lingered on her tongue. He longed to taste more but no matter how close he pulled her it simply wasn’t close enough. She gripped the collar of his faded jacket, begging him not to let go. Her slight curls gripped his fingers as he slid his hand through her hair. Every inch of him ached to remain locked in this moment with her body against his.

The world continued moving around them but they remained unaware. In each other’s arms they fell into a state of suspend.

But even soulmates only come together to come apart. Soon the moment ended, her sweet lips pulled away and the world began to creep back in. As much as he wished to be lost in her eyes forever he knew his bus was rumbling to a stop. Much like she knew the clock was chiming and she needed to continue on her way.

As her figure turned quickly and faded into the crowd he realized he never asked for her name.

A little morning writing to start Friday