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Modern Gods

The fates decided to mechanize after Atropos, a little overwhelmed with the increasing demands of the job, had her “spree”.

“Well, there were too many of them anyway.” She dismissed the fragmented lives with a sweep of her hand.

Clotho agreed, “I don’t think I’ve had a break in a few thousand years. They reproduce like rabbits.”

“I’ve heard talk that machines can replace gods.” Lachesis reminded her sisters.

“I’d cut their strings too if I could.”

Clotho shushed the old women, “This is insanity. If Zeus can use Tinder we can have a machine to spin thread.”


Word Count: 98
For Friday Fictioneers – I made it on Friday! Click the link to read the rules and more flash fiction.

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Lord Knows

There’s something written in the heavens, stolen by your pen, lord knows it’ll be a masterpiece once returned again.
All great poets ascended to the stars, leaving wisdom on a path that is only ours.
How shall you find it and what should you do?
My love, the Gods have plagiarized you.
Voices like honey and ink that scrolls divine, does nothing to betray the beauty of words you find.
Romeo and Juliet have no choice, they fall at your doorstep, battered and bruised in rejoice
Like all great loves they must pass through your inkwell, finding salvation; without, there is only true damnation.
But still the question falls to you, what ever shall you do?
My love, the stars saw inside your mind and stole the very words we struck out to enshrine.
For there was something written in the heavens, stolen by your pen
Lord knows, it’ll be a masterpiece once returned again.