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I was never the good girl anyway

So I shoved an old rusty nail through the old mans brain

He protested a little at first

But that died down with a few hard thrusts 

I made sure to tell him

Make him beg and whimper

The judge smashed his gavel

Said it amounted to torture

Funny thing though

No one cried censure

When it was the old man

Making me beg and whimper

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Bad Influence

WordPress Daily Prompt – Deny

I knew you were bad news when mother said

“Honey, a boy like that … he’ll never deny you.”

Now we’re standing here,

Clasping hands,

Bags of money spilled at our feet.

As the brigade closes in

I let my shuddering breath out,

“We have to run.”

And from beside me the only words

I wish you’d never say …

“Babe, I’d never deny you.”

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Catch Me if You Can

WordPress Daily Prompt – Disobey

I’ve got orders,
Sit still and look pretty,
Like a good girl should.
I see you over there.
The type I’d disobey for.
Hey baby,
Why don’t you come here?
Let me get a good little look at you.
You can humor me, spin for me,
Give me all the words that make you feel
Just like a man should.
Just try and stop me
From fulfilling all those naughty little things,
On your nasty little good girl list.
You can chase me down,
Pin me to the wall,
I’ll even pretend you’re in control for a while.
But first baby,
You’ve gotta catch me,
Catch me if you can.