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The passage of time

Of lines in the road

Or trees on the horizon

Seconds passing

Or years gliding

Through dim tunnels

And dark underbrush

How far we travel

Without realizing

How far we’ve come

See also: (I will never not mention this song when given the chance)

RDP: Passage

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What Pegman Saw – Two Lovers

Mdina’s the silent city. Secrets it keeps, formed in corners and alleyways, hidden beneath the streets.

Pegman wanted to see the catacombs I’m sure, the little guy likes hanging out with dusty memories.

He rounded the corner and what did he find?

Two lovers under cover of shadows.

It was clear, he says, they knew one another though obvious enough they weren’t meant to be pinned against that cathedral wall together.

From what he could gather, the little dude could be a spy, it was her honeymoon but not with that guy.

He was some fly by the seat guitar playin’ hippie you see and she was daddy’s little princess, betrothed to a man of his “heavy influencing”.

She visits the old city in the summers now with a child named Paul. They journey the streets and she talks of memories.

But there’s one she won’t say, out loud anyway.


Word Count: 150

This was written for the What Pegman Saw challenge, every week a location is picked and a story is written in 150 words or less. Rules here and this weeks location, Mdina Malta.

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Talk About Living on Another Planet

WordPress Daily Prompt – Planet

You ever have one of those days where you really just dread sitting at your desk?

Yeah, me too. All the time.

That’s partly why I turned my attention back to writing. I’ve written my entire life but as I got older decisions were made, bills had to be paid, I became responsible for other’s lives … All of that meant that I had to put something on the back burner.

My passion for writing was the unfortunate victim. It made sense at the time, after all, writing didn’t pay the bills and I honestly didn’t believe in myself enough to think it ever would.

Finally I got my shit together and realized “hey, if you’re not doing what you’re passionate about then what exactly are you doing?”

So I started writing again.

Ever since I’ve looked for ways to branch out more, to connect in a writing community and to surround myself with people who support and encourage each other. Honestly though, I had no idea what I was doing or how to really do that.

You feel me? We’ve all been there, maybe you’re still there or maybe you’re scared of starting your journey because you see that bump in the road and it looks like freaking Mt. Everest.

Well, I joined a little collaborative community and we’ve got you covered. It was the brainchild of Nitesh at Sketches by Nitesh and brings together several writers/bloggers of different origins and backgrounds.

We call ourselves The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch and we have two posts, one by Nitesh and one by Grabbety Covens up already. My post will go up tomorrow.

So if you’re feeling lonely in your blogging/writing journey or if you just want to see what those crazy kids are up to, head on over and start reading!