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The Thing Is …

WordPress Daily Prompt – Cozy

On cold nights like this,
I wonder if I miss the sun
Or the feeling of laying in your arms
By the fire, tracing stars in your smile.
People sometimes tell me to move on.
It would be lying to say I haven’t tried.
The thing is,
How do you move on
When that first kiss sent chills down your spine
And fireworks into your sky?

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Saintly Lie

WordPress Daily Prompt – Saintly

I sold myself a saintly lie,
Wrapped in taffeta ribbon,
Covered in gold glinted wrapping.
I pray nightly
To my golden deity;
Held high on hollow hopes and dreams.
I thought rightly,
“One day it will be me.”
I wait for my answers to subtle prayers.
Oh how I tread lightly,
As a plan takes shape in this mind.
“One day I will make you proud.”
I bow low and worship quietly,
But I will not be silent for long.
For the time has come to action.
I give you all in the name of my saintly lie.

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