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Demon in Disguise

Here we stand, on precipices of stars and skies. One step, a small breath, a slight breeze to tousle my hair. A lovers hand, gently swaying strands. Will he pull? Will he strike? Will he push me? Leave me to the night?

Not today it seems as we step away, a dance of carefully crafted precision. Dangerous games we play here on the ledge. Yet there’s a piece of me, rising again, demon in disguise.

She charges again and again, wild in her being, eyes chasing the sand. Determined and unsteadying she demands control of the wind. Throw me down she will so she can stand here too. Plucking the stars from their branches, shoving her hungry mouth full, she’ll devour the light within you.

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Conveyor Belt Life

WordPress Daily Prompt – Conveyor

You stole my breath
My words and my heart
While I retraced my steps
Down this conveyor belt
To find what’s been lost.
Even though I move
Steadily away
The belt churns forward;
No regard for all this time
I’m begging to save.
Some say there’s a light
At the end of the tunnel.
I’ve never believed
In that plan.
Our time on this ever moving path,
Fleeting and over in a second,
May be the only turn we get.
I don’t mind
If you take my hand,
Share my words
And hold my heart while it mends.
You don’t have to steal.
I won’t run.
This belt grinds forward
Despite our flaws.

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

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Numbered Days 4/365

My heart could be filled

But truth be told …

My days are numbered here.

This disease is terminal.

The doctors don’t know what to do.

“Well,” he says as he raps spindly hands

“You can’t stay forever in the land of the damned.”

Indeed Father Time.

It appears I’ve been diagnosed with life.

I can’t stop my feet from wandering

Or my mind from pandering

The sweet effects of a sunset over the sea.

I suddenly, it seems, have things

I need to be

Rather than this old burnt out bag of flesh

And crumbling calcium deposits collected for me.

So tell me dear, tell me love

You know our days are numbered here …

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It’s Not New

I’ve been working on some other stuff that won’t make it on here for a bit but I wanted to post something today. So for the prompt neophyte (who actually uses that word?) here’s a  part of something that I’m still working on.

It’s not new,
These rising sensations
Whenever I’m near you.
It seems my head is always
Filled with these dreams
Yet plagued with this fear.
Stepping into the dark,
When you’re so afraid
Of what you can’t see
Snarling just beyond
The lights breaking
Keeps me tied to this path
Of non-waking.
I can feel you there,
I hear your music playing
But you wander just beyond
The lights leaking.

Also, go browse The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch! Last week our posts were “The Art of …”

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Tame It

WordPress Daily Prompt – Circle

There’s this thing,
Running circles in my soul.
It’s happy and sad,
It’s light and dark,
It’s beautiful and bad.
It feels like your hands,
And tastes like your tongue.
It slips along my skin,
Seeps through my pores.
It sends shivers up my spine,
A chill through my brain.
It has your name,
In big flashy letters,
And a sabertooth grin.
Won’t you come help me tame it?

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The Subtlety of Dying

WordPress Daily Prompt – Thorny

What did it feel like?
Dying I mean?
Was it cold?
Or wet?
Kind of like being born again?
Was it light,
Or dark?
Or maybe a bit of both?
Did you know then,
When it happened I mean?
Did you see God?
Heaven and Hell?
Or was it just space and time,
All melding together in one?

The sweet soul gives a wispy smile,
Dying, her voice echoes,
Well, I do remember that well.
Momma told us it would be ok,
It wouldn’t hurt at all.
But it was kinda like falling,
Your stomach flies to your throat
And down to your toes,
Except it’s all at once.
Then you land,
And it’s kinda like landing
In your grandmother’s old roses,
When you fly over the handlebars
For the very first time.
It’s all excitement and adrenaline.
That is until you land,
Then it’s kinda thorny.

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The Light

Another installment from my random file titled classic writings:

The darkness creeps in, breathing a heavy sigh, enveloping you in its heavy presence. A bright blast fires it away, sending it running back to the corners. It’s under that bright light that you begin to melt as it burns holes in your already fragile soul. It cuts through you like a sharpened sword, smooth and quick. It leaves you in pieces.

The brightness is blinding, ensuring you never see who really cares. Who stands on the outside laughing? Or crying?

It’s in those moments, as the light cuts you down, that you know. As you melt you feel, finally. Your shielded eyes can finally see what you’ve been missing all along. Those faces that swirl beyond the light, those emotions you can no longer recognize.

As quick as it came, it’s gone, and you’re alone again. Solid and scared, broken and bare. There you sit, as the darkness creeps in, feeling alone, but never so alone as when the light is on.