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A moth flutters by the light,
Off into the night.
A lovers hand travels slowly
Tracing gentle, dancing lines
Tickling, teasing
Over her craving body.
His lips pull forth her secrets.
Fingers intertwine.
A space made for one another
Under cover of time.
Birds sit on a line,
A world unaware.

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Spin Me Away

Sunday! Again and again.

I didn’t do this last Sunday because of family issues (and Easter, we can say Easter) so WordPress is obviously making me pay because …

Prompt – Thwart

Music – Fantastic Negrito – Shuffling on Spotify (seriously, just shuffle, he’s amazing)

Ok, 10 minutes on thwart … here we go …

You thwart me

At every turn, every spin

We practiced this dance

Night on night

But now that we’re here

You look away

Into the eyes of another

Does she feel like me?

You spin me away

Thwarted again.

I can feel the steady heat

Climbing from across the room

Dancers unaware

Of this crumbling routine.

I find the hands of others

But none move just like yours.

Round and round

The circle we go.

Til at last

At each other’s throats we go.

You spin me away

Thwarted again.

I pull strangers close

But their fingers won’t wander

Just like yours.

Slow and steady

Down my back and over my thighs.

I can feel the steady jealousy

Seething from across the room.

Round and round

The circle we go

Til at last …

Bow and begin again.

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Suddenly Is All We’ll Ever Be


Suddenly is all we ever were.
Suddenly friends, lovers, soul mates.
Suddenly alone in the night and in our fight.
We always said “you and me”,
Two against the world.
But the world kept spinning
While our story crumbled between our fingers.
Suddenly I’m lost
In your eyes and smile.
Suddenly I can’t breathe when you look at me.
Suddenly is all we’ll ever be.
Spinning, spinning and we all fall down.

There’s lovely poetry at The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch this week, go check it out

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Last Rain

WordPress Daily Prompt – Scent

I remember it like it was yesterday. The sweet scent of fresh rains filled the air. A warm breeze moved through the tall grasses; oh how they swayed, coming down low and tickling my face before swinging back towards the sky. Frogs and crickets conducted a symphony by the water as it lapped gently against the rocks.

The stars, the tiniest of pin pricks against the deep purple sky, glistened beyond the remaining clouds.

Out there I could be myself. I could relish in the dirt under my nails and my wild hair tangling in the wind. I could hold flitting bugs and slimy lizards as close as possible in hopes that they would tell me their secrets. Perhaps they would tell me what it was to be free.

I could hide in the darkness in my nightgown, listening to the rattle of the gated city behind me and digging my toes into the sticky mud at the shore. I could kiss the frogs in hopes that one would be a savior.

When the sun finally began peeking over the horizon and the sky filled with fiery pinks and oranges I would sigh. Weaving through the tower tunnels and slipping slowly through heavy doors I would cry. As the warmth cleansed the air of the scents of fresh rain I slipped, dirty and none the wiser, into clean sheets.

I had always hoped that the scent of the rain would haunt me and that one day it would reveal to me it’s secrets.

As I stand on the dried shore, the dirt cracking beneath my boots, I realize that haunt me it has but I’m still none the wiser to the secrets of the rain.