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Whale Song Dream

At night, while the washing machine spins our soiled clothes, it moans like a haunted whale song. Notes echo through the dark rooms, tempting us to a depth we’ve never met before. Slipping away beneath the waves of sleep, the songs carry us until we’re resting on the backs of giants hidden at the bottom of the sea. Their skin, like velvet, holds us against the undulating weight of the water trying to carry us on.

“You aren’t meant to stay” 

The giants drop us, sending our bodies down into the darkness. We fall forever, deeper and darker than we knew possible, before landing in beds of sand. Small creatures, keepers of this new darkness, prickle our fingers and toes. The sand curls into the folds of our skin and dances through our hair. The itching is infuriating but the darkness is heavy. It sits on our chests like a bully on the playground, pummeling our faces with meaty hands.

Suddenly, light, a small beam reflecting from a hook strung down by a fishing line. It roots in the darkness, searching for the target, before finding the fabric of my gown. More hooks descend, each carefully hooking our linen night clothes and pulling us away from the sand. We ascend, past the giants, towards the light. Our previous fears fall away with each grain of sand taken by the tide. Anxiously we await the chance to truly breathe. 

Breaking the surface we are met with nothing but fishing boats rowing away.

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Saoirse could smell the ocean salt clinging to his skin. She could still see the sunlight reflecting in his hazel eyes. This was where Julian belonged.

It hadn’t been good enough.

He had the ocean in his soul but around here the dark corners echoed of empty promises far louder.

She begged him. He answered their call anyway.

If I could go back, Saoirse wondered, when was the moment you decided?

His mother wiped her tears away.

“This is where he was happiest.”

Saoirse inhaled the ocean air and tilted the urn. They watched as the waves carried Julian away.

PHOTO PROMPT © Susan Eames

Word count: 100
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Write Photo 10/4

Rocks and the ankles of fragile women; obstacles the ocean must break. These waves scream on approach, all foam and gnashing jaws.

Amber eyes aglow against purple skies, beset concrete brows and permanent growls. No, the ocean sees, intimidation must be quelled.

It has no choice but to settle and whittle. Slowly it carves away that which once was, pulling it out to the deep.

Slow lines hollow into caverns, places steeped in crystalline mystery. While the water gathers, quietly sabotaging steady feet.

We forget secrets the water promises to keep. As we watch colossus fall, we wonder if she ever stood at all.

I’ve seen some people I follow participating in this and I’ve been meaning to check it out. I saw this weeks photo and thought it was just so stunning. But I know I’m kind of late!

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Two Bucks at Goodwill

“Life’s absurd isn’t it?” Charlie pushed his thick black framed glasses back onto the bridge of his nose before chugging the last of the whiskey.

Greta never drank, she figured liquor wasn’t needed to enhance the crushing silences she felt. She never thought either of them needed liquor or drugs to take them over the threshold to particularly dark places.

“Is life absurd?” Charlie’s lips twitched into the smallest of smiles at Greta’s response.

The ocean below them didn’t seem absurd with the way it moved in and out, crashing onto the rocks.

Neither did the gulls above as they circled for food.

Then again they were only doing what they were meant to do. They were controlled by higher instincts which humans long ago over ruled.

“Is this what we’re going to do?” Charlie’s voice, rough with a whiskey burn, brought Greta’s mind back to the long grass they sat in. For a second she considered the man next to her, slight and lanky in a suit two sizes too big. He’d abandoned the tie when they realized neither knew how to properly tie it. Now it just occasionally writhed in the wind a few feet away. “I do like your dress.” Charlie whispered.

Greta let her fingers slide over the vintage lace. “Two bucks at goodwill. Can you believe that?” She plucked at the oversized straps in some attempt to keep them from slipping off her shoulders again. “I guess for two bucks you can’t have everything you’ve dreamed of.”

The true absurdity of the situation hit Greta like a punch to the chest, stealing her breath away for a second.

“Are you ok?” Charlie moved closer in some attempt to comfort. He laid his hand over hers but pulled it back just as quickly when he noticed the tears on her cheeks. “Are you ready?” His voice was barely audible over the waves below.

Greta’s eyes fell on the glinting metal of the pistol that sat mostly un-noticed between them surrounded by several bottles of whiskey in various states of emptiness.

“This world’s always going to be absurd, whether we’re here or not.” Charlie nodded empathetically but she could see confusion flash in his eyes. “I mean, sitting here, just in it you know …”

Charlie let the grass gently move through his fingers. “Yeah, I mean, I guess.”

“It just seems …” She considered the words carefully. “I mean, what do you say we do something else instead?” The suggestion seemed to put him at ease.


Greta stretched the lace in her skirt between long fingers. “Let’s get married.” He shifted away from her while pulling open another bottle of whiskey. “It’s no more absurd than this.” She waved a hand in the air as if the whole of their lives could be encompassed in a small motion.

Charlie seemed to shrink into himself, quietly staring out into the horizon. For a few moments the sound of crashing waves and screaming gulls drowned out the craziness of the world behind them.

He lifted the bottle to his lips but stopped short. “We don’t have rings and shouldn’t I ask you?”

Greta pointed to her dress, “Did you not hear me earlier? Two bucks at goodwill. I bet there’s a ring or two there. After all, life’s absurd right?”

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