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QPD – Gentle

Quarantined forever – self portrait AKA selfie

One thing I’ve had to battle with, throughout my adult life, but also during this weird period is being gentle with myself. I wasn’t raised in that typical environment and I’ve always been really harsh with myself because of things I picked up from that environment.

It’s not unusual for me get to down and think some pretty awful things about myself. During this stay at home/quarantine period I find those thoughts popping up more often. I’m keeping busy but it doesn’t seem to be enough to stop them.

This has really turned into a practice of being gentle with myself and recognizing those thoughts when they pop up so I can counter them.

Anyone else having to battle nagging negative thoughts? Any tips?

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QPD – The Stress

Today’s quarantine photo diary is the final stand of my “happy quarantine/social distancing” flowers. They tried to make it but alas …

I’m feeling more and more this way about my current job and working remotely. I work in a global environment and lockdowns are making things hard. There’s so much to do and so many people involved in every piece of it that it’s overwhelming. I understand because of the situation globally everyone’s tightening their grips to maintain control but … we all know control is an illusion.

I want to thank you guys for your support of my little poetry collection. I appreciate it more than I can say.

How’s everybody doing?

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QPD – Easter

Happy Easter to all who are celebrating. It’s been raining all night and day here. There was a break of a few hours in between and as the sun started setting there were these clouds. I like the contrast and colors.

How has your holiday been?

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QPD – Starry Nights

Today is siblings day which may be a Facebook invented holiday. Ironically this Easter all of my siblings will be in town.

For our photo of the day I present a cell phone pic of the stars taken while outside with my dogs (but not the teen because laying in bed trumps outside time). My neighborhood doesn’t have streetlights which cuts down on light pollution. Sometimes I can actually see a lot of stars and to my surprise my phone can get a picture of some of them (I acknowledge it’s not particularly good).

Also, remember that poetry collection I said I was editing. That’s all done and it will be available on amazon really soon.

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QPD: Tornado Watches

It certainly doesn’t look stormy in the picture. As it warms up we’re still victims of various cold fronts traversing the country. Warm air and cold air don’t play nicely.

At least rain makes the best sleeping weather which I can really appreciate right now. I’ve found myself struggling to stay awake during the days. I even took a nap on my lunch break today. It’s that foggy overwhelmed tired topped with actual exhaustion from not sleeping well at night. I’m told this makes sense and that all of this lock down and distancing stuff is actually kind of traumatic.