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Tranquil/Disparage & Coffee

RDP: Tranquil
FOWC: Disparage

Some days I suck down my coffee like it’s the only thing keeping me alive.

You would think I started young, a precocious 5 year old drinking coffee with her father or a 12 year old hiding in the corner of a Starbucks with her friends. I’m here to tell you, no. I started drinking this glorified bean juice when I was 27, only after years of my partner at the time guzzling down 2+ pots a day.

I was tired and sluggish and thought well if it keeps him going, but in this a phenomena unfolded.

I didn’t want him to know. If drinking coffee brought me tranquility I just knew he would disparage it. In my mind he was already painting it as an idolization of him.

I hid my growing habit, carefully deciding when I could partake and when I should go without. But I also found myself watching, watching his coffee habits, his preferred brands and taking notes for myself. Eventually his presence faded away but many of these stolen habits stayed.

Photo: Pexel’s photo library
Photo shows latte art of a flower

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Blanket / Article

RDP: Blanket
FOWC: Article

Mia had a blanket made of the articles written about her. Articles questioning her wardrobe, her hair, her parenting and on and on. Some were reviews of her stage performances, both good and bad but many were her villainization.

“Nightmare to work with” said one.

“Absent.” simply said another.

“Son will never speak to her again.” Blared the biggest headline.

The aging pieces, haphazardly stapled together, covered her king sized bed. 

Mia hauled the blanket to the back garden, draping it over the fire pit she created. In a rush of orange flame and sudden warmth, she lit one corner and watched it spread.

Have you guys ever literally burned something from the past? This is a ritual I like for the new year. You write down something you wish to release and burn it.

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Invisible / Pattern

RDP: Invisible
FOWC: Pattern

I’ve traveled the world, hiding in every corner. I’m an observer by nature, leaning into the shadows to learn. The further I traveled the more invisible I became. Patterns in existence seemed to close for me.

Just a very short, possibly a beginning, for the word prompts today,

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Lamb / Staunch

RDP Lamb
FOWC Staunch

A lone lamb grazed in the middle of a field just outside our walls. We watched her every now and then, stopping our mindless buzzing about our small town. She wandered through the grasses, eventually making her way towards our bubble. She pressed her nose against the shield designed to protect us from the outside world. Her pink flesh caused rainbow waves of light to roll along the translucent surface. She seemed to delight in this, hopping away before venturing back. 

Some despaired. “Nothing can live out there.”

One group petitioned the village leaders to take on the responsibility of saving the lamb’s life. They refused, as our leaders are apt to do.

We gathered along the wall, watching the lamb come and go, expecting she would cease to appear at any moment. 

The lamb persisted, staunchly ignoring the limits of our expectations.

Image from Pexel’s Photo Library (isn’t it cute?!)

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RDP: Chilly
As in, it’s a little chilly here …

I took this with my iPhone as opposed to my real camera. I think I would’ve gotten better background separation with my real camera.

For the vision impaired, the image shows a close up of a rose bush and it’s leaves with ice weighing them down.

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Silence / Tell

RDP: Silence
FOWC: Tell

Short, simple … I tried to make this into just a six word story but couldn’t quite work it out.

Don’t tell me your ‘what if’s’

Your silence is all I needed to hear.

Photo from the Pexel’s photo library – though I’d love to take a photo like this one day it is not mine.

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Penumbra / Category

RDP: Penumbra
FOWC: Category
I’ve had a thing lately with writing about the “boring side” of being a grim reaper.

Photo from the Pexels library

Under the penumbra left by the Moon the priests got to work. The ceremony was far from categorical but each soul willingly submitted to being ripped from its body. 

“For the gods!”

If only they knew. 

The only thing waiting for them now was a group of bored reapers, a processing team, to shuffle them away. Then lines, lines eternal, as they stood waiting for paperwork to be completed.

One of the souls wandered towards them, bewildered by its new state. 

“There should be gold, all of the gods glory …”

Kevin, the senior-most reaper and stick in the mud of the team, stepped forward with his clipboard and a smirk.

“Name? I’ll need you to follow me. We’ll start your processing. The current wait is about 2 millenia but it won’t be bad. We’ll play some music.”

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RDP: Lighten
FOWC: Meme

Sometimes, after a good round of doom scrolling, I feel the need to lighten the load. It’s reasonable I think. I typically retreat to the mainstays of internet comedy, memes. 

But meme’s can get dark too, a doom scrolling of a different type. 

Yesterday a meme of Marie Antoinette’s head came up. 

I smiled at first but then it was time for the execution to begin.

Maybe we’ll call this tales from the executioner.

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Sangfroid, Instead and Vampires

RDP: Sangfroid
FOWC: Instead

Offering a sort of sangfroid, the music was unlike anything the crowd had ever heard. Notes weaving from the stage slid their ways into the patrons brains.

They swayed.

They bounced.

They flailed.

They … except Marlon. A singular bastion of disgust in a sea of enthralled fish.

Marlon watched the band jump around the stage creating a cacophony.

“I will never understand.”

“You don’t have to! Just let the music take you!” His right hand woman, Aileen, jumped around beside him. “I can’t stop!” 

“I can’t imagine why. Instead of dancing why don’t you help kill the vampires.”

Aileen spun away, joining with another vibrating group of club patrons. 

“Fine, I’ll do it myself.”