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First Date

“Do you think they’ll let us go around again? Just look at the view!” Tom moved from side to side taking in the sparkling city lights.

Jane’s nails dug into the seat. She clamped her knees together, maybe that would keep her legs from shaking off.

“Tom, please just sit still. You’re making the car swing.”

His date was stiff as a board. Her eyes brimmed with tears.

“God, I wonder if this car can shake as much as you are?” He laughed when she shrieked. “I’m just kidding. Hey, maybe we can do this again on the second date.”

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Word Count: 100

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Bewildering Quiet

WordPress Daily Prompt – Bewildered

I can’t explain what it is about the quiet that scares me,
Or why it sends chills down my spine
To know that someday the quiet is all we’ll know.
Maybe it’s because the worst
Always followed the quiet,
Sneaking in on its tail,
Ripping away false senses of comfort.
Perhaps it’s more,
Confusion of a heavier sort.
You see,
Within the quiet you’re faced with reality,
Not distraction.
You become forced to realize
It’s less no one hearing you scream
But more like no one cares when you do.

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WordPress Daily Prompt – Scamper

It took me by surprise when you looked into my eyes.
I didn’t expect the whole world to disappear.
But I’m scared and lonely
And much to low for you to love.
So I scamper away to hide
In the sweet syrup at the bottom of the biggest bottle.
Every inch of my soul screams,
Don’t go.

One day I hope you can see,
I believe I can pull myself up,
And maybe you can still love me.