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I Am

I am broken bloodied nails on a brick wall
The last attempt to make the world see.
I am lines and lines and lines of cocaine
Drowning the scorching pain.
I am silent screams never heard over rumbling trains
Regrets forever tied to the rusting dying tracks.
I am lanes of cars aimlessly flying towards oblivion
Wind blown and unable to turn away, no looking back.
I am thousands of black holes existing in one
Roaring, devouring every soul.
I am the oceans weaving, waving edge
Morphing, consuming, land and sky.
I am a body in a shallow grave
Eyes open, tongue split and breath spent,
I am a girl with a carefully laced valentine
Waiting, waiting, but I’m afraid this is it.

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Fall Away From Time

WordPress Daily Prompt – Silent

Silence sounds like …
Your spirit spinning
Out of control to the DJ.
Your breath slowing
In puffs of hazy cigarette smoke.
Your heart pounding
Under the soft weight of my hand.
Your smile against
My hair under the cold moon.
The fading drops
Of my rocks failing to skip.
Your fingers drawing
Shivering lines down my back.
Silence sounds like …
All those things I feel in my soul
When your eyes lock with mine
And we fall away from time.

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I’ve kind of had pseudo writer’s block lately. I want to write and post stuff but I don’t feel that what I’m writing or posting is all that great. It’s kind of a weird spot to be in. I’m hoping something helps to push me out of it but for the past few days I’ve been very “blah” about it all. Here’s a little something for the daily prompt, brave. 

WordPress Daily Prompt – Brave

I am not a brave person.

I am scared of roller coasters

And the dark

And silence.

But we’ve been silent

For so many years now.

I’m less afraid

Of the quiet

And more afraid of the sound.