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Porcelain Figurines

WordPress Daily Prompt – Elegance

Every second I stare into this mirror
The cracks sink further into my skin.
Each one breaking, shattering, the light within.
Crushing it into shards, bruising and cutting their way to the floor.
Forming puddles of gold where the remains of our fears lie.
You fall so elegantly against the backdrop of life,
But I struggle to hold these porcelain figurines while I crumble silently inside.
Tonight I need you to prop me up, stand tall beside
But your just a faded memory, a distant aside.
You’ve become a silhouette in the smoke, a shadow etched in my bones.
One that I can see but no longer reach, no more can I call your arms home.
I want so badly to tell you all these things.
To admit to the faults my selfishness brought,
To ask for forgiveness and to help give me resolve
To stand against waves crashing, tumbling, breaking on the shore.
I fear that life is not a daydream, brilliant and romantic in its intent.
I’ll wake tomorrow still treading this sea alone.
And no one will see because I’m aware
The damsel in distress is not the hero of her fairytale.
I’ll continue to fall, elegantly twisting, breaking
Watching my soul shatter to pieces
While I struggle to protect all that I hold
In these porcelain figurines.

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Silhouettes in Glass Houses

WordPress Daily Prompt – Popular

Silhouettes in Glass Houses
Strike dubious poses,
Against the blood-stained roses,
That line the window sill.
Tell your fears to the tall man in the dark.
With his whip and chain
He’ll cleanse your tainted spirit.
Painting a spattered scape
Across the black lit window.
Popular spot, this one.
Art they call it.
No one can see
Through the one-way pane.

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