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WordPress Daily Prompt – Astral

In planes of
Space and time,
You leave me breathless.
In every touch,
Your eyes give me
A thousand reasons
To sink
Beneath the noises.
In every smile,
You leave me
Interlace your fingers
With mine.
Draw shifting shapes
Across my veins.
Let your lips wander
Down my spine.
In every moment,
A thousand beats,
Rendered helpless
By your radiating heat.
Pull me closer,
Dance through stars.
I’m a part of you
And you of me.
Leave me breathless.
In every gaze,

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Mosaic 7-15/365

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted pictures … I have obviously not done well with keeping up on “a picture a day”.

Today I was thinking about mosaics. How intricate they are. Hundreds of tiles layered together into designs. Sometimes very intricate, sometimes simple, sometimes the beauty lies in the simplicity.

A couple years ago I went to Greece and ended up on Delos, an island about a 20 minute ferry ride from Mykonos.

They’re restoring a lot of what’s outdoors on the island but they have a lot of original artifacts in the museum there.

The ancient Greeks loved their mosaics.


Looking at these, I’m not sure all of these were mosaics. Some of them may actually just be paintings. The smaller ones had other displays in front of them making it hard for me to get close to get any kind of creative/close up shot.

I go out of town this weekend so you guys will finally maybe get some new travel pictures and not stuff from when I went gallivanting around Europe a couple years ago.

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Dying Days

I love the moment of evening
When the day clings with increasing desperation
Painting the sky in smoky pinks and hazy grays
With a bleary brush of dying days.
Perhaps it says much about me
That I would prefer to watch
The slow extinguish of the day’s flame
Than the brilliant lighting
After the darkest hours.
How can it be
That someone comes to love
The descent into night,
So much more than the rescue
From seemingly endless blight?
Maybe there’s no fear of the dark
When the stars are so clear
And a million galaxies streak across the sky
In all brilliant colors only visible in those moments
After the day has died.

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Wake Me Up

WordPress Daily Prompt – Risky

It’s one of those days where I’m exhausted.

My body feels like it’s about to drop straight through the last uneasy wooden board on the rickety old bridge.

Not that I dread it I suppose, the cold rapids beneath might be a welcome change, they might wake me up.

In truth all of this seems like a dream.

Like I could be walking or floating, perhaps if I just don’t look down I’ll fly away into the clouds.

Maybe I’ll rise even farther, take orbit among the sun and stars.

It could be like a cartoon scene where coyote’s botched attempt at ending the roadrunner lands him among the aliens who only want to destroy the planet.

It’s all so surreal, floating so far away.

It seems so quiet and calm in the swirling purples and blues of outer space.

But my limbs are heavy and my eyes are struggling.

My skin is crawling and my bones are moving faster than the rest of me.

I suppose I’ll just crash into the rapids,

Take the risk that they’ll suck me under,

Maybe the cold rush will at least wake me up.

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