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QPD: Tornado Watches

It certainly doesn’t look stormy in the picture. As it warms up we’re still victims of various cold fronts traversing the country. Warm air and cold air don’t play nicely.

At least rain makes the best sleeping weather which I can really appreciate right now. I’ve found myself struggling to stay awake during the days. I even took a nap on my lunch break today. It’s that foggy overwhelmed tired topped with actual exhaustion from not sleeping well at night. I’m told this makes sense and that all of this lock down and distancing stuff is actually kind of traumatic.

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69/365 Rainstorm

Lately I just haven’t had words. Especially today I wish I had something eloquent and pretty.

But since I don’t seem to have anything maybe it’s time to just do a picture a day challenge.

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Falling Leaves

WordPress Daily Prompt – Leaf

Red sunshine reflects gently off the leaves

That fall from the trees jerking in the growing winds

Of the approaching storms that follow my steps.

I want to tell you to run, there’s no sanctuary here,

But you’re pointing at the swirling branches in awe of nature;

Without realizing she’s coming, fierce and with a cause.

Those leaves will never hit the ground before the storm

Knocks you down; tackling all your noble features.

She’ll reduce you, like she decimated me.

A person of many words and little meaning

Is all that will emerge.