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Wild Things

WordPress Daily Prompt – Tame

Bring out my wild side,
Pull her back and hold her still.
I promise you baby,
She’ll fight the whole way out.
Pin her down and whisper in her ear,
It’s always fun when you try
Taming wild things.
Grip her waist and sit her down,
Tell her she’s been bad today,
That little wild thing doesn’t care.
Touch her soul,
Try to bring her peace.
I know what you’ll find.
Those wild things are meant to be.

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Tame It

WordPress Daily Prompt – Circle

There’s this thing,
Running circles in my soul.
It’s happy and sad,
It’s light and dark,
It’s beautiful and bad.
It feels like your hands,
And tastes like your tongue.
It slips along my skin,
Seeps through my pores.
It sends shivers up my spine,
A chill through my brain.
It has your name,
In big flashy letters,
And a sabertooth grin.
Won’t you come help me tame it?