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4:29 – Friday Fictioneers


“Hey kid. It’s …. uhhh …. it’s dad. I’m here.”

Howling wind and feedback sent the signal fading in and out.

“Wherever here is. I think I found it. It’s on the train tracks … over a valley. It’s a steep valley, gotta be careful.”

Quincy squinted at the figure moving towards the tunnel in front of him. 

“Anyway, it’s 4:30, Sunday the … 30th. It’s … uh … it’s October. Hey it’s your birthday, sorry I’m not there bud. I know you’ll tell your mom I’m sorry. She never believed me.”

The message sputtered feedback.


Quincy checked his watch, 4:29, the 30th of October. 

PHOTO PROMPT © Dawn M. Miller

Word Count: 99

I’m super late on this one. I intended to write it back on Friday, then I intended to write it over the weekend. Thank you to
Rochelle for wrangling Friday Fictioneers.

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Conveyor Belt Life

WordPress Daily Prompt – Conveyor

You stole my breath
My words and my heart
While I retraced my steps
Down this conveyor belt
To find what’s been lost.
Even though I move
Steadily away
The belt churns forward;
No regard for all this time
I’m begging to save.
Some say there’s a light
At the end of the tunnel.
I’ve never believed
In that plan.
Our time on this ever moving path,
Fleeting and over in a second,
May be the only turn we get.
I don’t mind
If you take my hand,
Share my words
And hold my heart while it mends.
You don’t have to steal.
I won’t run.
This belt grinds forward
Despite our flaws.

The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch