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Waking Dreams

The softly yellowing light from the hall tosses shadows against the wall. It catches the stubble lining your jaw, ever so quickly it flashes in your eyes and reflects from the waves in your hair.

I’m frozen, blanket pulled around my waist and pillow hugged tight in place of where you should be. You stand shyly while your eyes seem to gloss over me. We’re here, only feet away, but there’s a thin veil of reality guarding the way.

You move steadily through my room though your eyes see straight through me. Your smile, perhaps not meant for me, sends waves of anticipation, pure pleasure, cascading down my arms.

I reach for your hands, the seemingly knowing comfort of your arms, my fingers gently stirring the thin mists guarding us from real and fiction. Each ripple in the foggy veil, more violent than the last, sends shocks through time; beginning to distort this moving picture at my bedside. Your eyes of adoration transform to looks of condemnation.

Missiles from a past long forgotten explode at my feet, stirring runaway memories. Noxious fumes and pretty perfumes take hold, guiding my stumbling trip along nightmare lane. Your visage, dark, brooding and all at once silly and loving, is no stranger behind the veil.

Without warning the undulating mist falls away. All at once I find I remember everything.



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I try desperately to remember the moments before. What was the last thing I said? My fingers play along crusty scarred metal weaving rusted crosses through my lips.

What’s that smell? Rubbing alcohol?

Yes, that was it. I could see then from craters that now adorn my pearlescent face. There were bright lights and wood paneled walls exposing my naked body against industrial noises of sweat shops and steel grinding bone.

It’s my time, voices rise in a cacophony of laughter mixed with fraught jeers and gasps. Chains hoist my arms high, limbs of wood direct my legs, a crime of perversion set against Chopin. Stitched together like a human rag doll, a pirouetted puppet without pause.


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Once upon a time we collided, as dust against shimmering specters of dust, gods amongst the heavens then. Deep within the earth’s womb, boiling magma against impenetrable mantle, burning away defense mechanisms. Trojan horses against the very walls of heaven you became, melting, molding, galaxies spinning from every shattering sigh.

How could we have seen the way we flowed, you into me, ocean tides unidentifiable against the shoreline. In a rapid, rabid elemental explosion your soul ripped into mine, gently brushing every secret we dared hide. Wrapping them in the wispy, silken age of our souls we stole away pieces of one another. Magnetic, prophetic, we could never hide forever revolving stars in our eyes.


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Golden Light

Sunday thing.


Music – The Echelon Effect on Spotify shuffle (I do this a lot you see)

We blow bubbles into the golden sunset,
Memories trapped in worlds we struggle to relive,
Reflecting rainbows, shimmering golds
We whisper our secrets into bubbles
And send them off to shrouds of secrecy
Beyond prying eyes and probing fingers
With promises of happily ever after
If we ever make it down from there.
We were but kids, young and in false belief
There will always be more to dream
Bubbles float beyond our clouds, grey skies from there on out
We always knew they would pop
Our precious memories would come tumbling down
Held in such high regard, we would learn to see
Truths about what we’ve done
As our pristine bubble memories rain down sharp fears
We were but kids, in the golden light, wondering what we’ve done

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Good For Nothing

This is a piece of Sia’s story (who I just realized isn’t actually named in this snippet, she’s the narrator) who we first met in The Last Twinkies … I’m working on making her story into something longer and this is another piece of it featuring today’s prompt (this is still the rough draft so it’s still rough).

“Nooooooo!” A shrill alien like noise surrounds us followed by the sound a tree must make when it falls in a forest. 

Suddenly my hands are free. I’m no longer shoved against the tree but resting there in tears. Kate appears beside me, a branch half as big as her hoisted above her head. 

“You. Good. For. Nothing. Piece. Of. Shit.” Each word accented by a thud as she brings the branch crashing into John’s limp body. “I. Fucking. Hate. You.” 

Smash. Thud. Squash.

Blood splatters onto her tan skin and blue top. It spurts onto my jeans and shirt. The warmth sprinkles onto my cheeks as she continues her tantrum with each smashing of John’s certainly decimated body.

I’m frozen against the tree again, this time by my own fear. Kate’s eyes are black with rage. To where she’s gone I don’t know but I’m not sure she recognizes the world around her. 


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Rivulets of Love

Standing beside you silence is broken even when nothing is said. Funny isn’t it? The stars and the sky; did they dance and dive, bring cosmic planes of every color into a swirling whirling dance of lightening intensity before your eyes met mine?

Has the world always fallen silent at the beckon of your gasp, a movement so sudden and rasp, or was it just mine?

Strange thing isn’t it? To feel everything you’ve ever been step into the light of everything you’ll ever be, knowing no matter the fragility broken will never be … again …

Oh this feeling, again and again. Melodies in languages I fear I will never understand, kisses along paths I may never travel beneath moonlit branches otherworldly in their desire.

It dissipates but not into illusion, a dream of roses and foreign spring days. It sinks beneath the current, becoming the undertow, dragging us along in this sweet abandon, forever familiar. You are home. You are forever, over and over and over.

Such are the rivulets of love that stream from our silent smiles, glancing eyes, as we stand quiet, forever reaching in fear of loving alone the other.


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Constant Reminders

How strange it is
Moving from life with no photos on the wall
To life littered with drawn out dumpster diving memorials
Over every square inch of sallow hued space
Covering the holes drunkenly skewered
Leaving shards of drywall souls in my hair
Chaotically dancing over my shoulders
Constant reminders,
Next time the mark won’t be missed
Like the fading yellowed flesh wounds
Wrapping around my neck
As I’m held down and told to beg for more
That’s not sex …
It’s not love
In this house of a thousand shattered mirrors
Each fragmenting side of me
Further splintering with every fresh assault
Each small rip of tender fiber that makes my being whole
How many shades can there be today


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Capsizing Breath

Your absence sucks the warmth from these sheets,

Curling between my thigh’s, roping around my fingers

Still trembling and gasping

From gentle tugs and rasping bites

Along edges of bone and light

I am frozen on capsizing breath

Of the last words we said

While these sheets of your sighs,

Of our eyes

Forever taking one another in,

Hold me hostage, wrapping around my legs, binding my wrists,

Against the warmth you float away with.


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Genie Ken

I’m paralyzed under my blankets. Only my eyes can dart to and fro, wild children running from nightmares. There’s a shadow dancing on the edge of my vision, it shimmy’s and shakes. It giggles and oh, does it quake. It brings the light then shuns it away, great blast followed by bellowing darkness.

Why the fuck is this happening?

The only warning I receive is my name echoing in chaotic overtures through the rooms of my small house when I’m jerked from the blankets unceremoniously.

Blue mountains peak and recede as the beastly shadow brings me in close to reveal its true form. I’m reflected back through the glossy tilt of it’s eyes. The beast looks like me in gargantuan proportions. It’s high pitched call threatens to shatter my eardrums.

“I have someone I want you to meet!”

I protest but the beast has me restrained. The wind as the beast whips me around rips at my hair like an abuser. I’m straining to keep my neck from snapping in two. I have to keep my eyes nailed shut or they may forever remain open.

Why the fuck is this happening?

The beast lets ungodly sounds of terror stream from it’s gaping mouth. Another voice bounces around the room.

“I’mmmm a ggeennie in a booottlllee!”

Suddenly my stomach is catapulted into my throat as I’m pushed down through a small opening into a room full of billowing curtains. A tan shirtless man with baggy pants greets me with a smile.

The booming voice lets out a shriek, “Here you go Barbie! It’s Genie Ken! You two get to know each other, I expect you to have lots of babies! And maybe divorces but first babies!”

Genie Ken’s smile falters.

“Please don’t take this personally,” He starts quietly, “But I’m totally gay.”