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I signed up for more but it seems they lost the paperwork.
I can reason it away.
What’s life but missed words?
I’d cancel early but the fee is too high.

Sorry for my lack of anything lately. I’ve been busy, stressed … insanely tired, etc.

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Full of Words

I’m full of words
Maybe they’re just the wrong ones
Cartwheeling from my fingers
Carving paths in the crowd
I hold onto golden hope
That they’ll lead me to you
So far I’ve found
A mouse, a louse, a house
A duck, a truck, a puck
A thousand nonsensical rhymes with time
Not a single one has your path
Crossed with mine.

RPD Prompt: Orange (nothing rhymes with orange and it isn’t used in this but it was word inspiration)

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Am I crazy or is the dance driving me mad? You lead me, maddeningly, jarringly to the cusp of the stage only to quickly pull me back again. The fire leaps from my chest to your eyes but you douse it as quickly as it began. This delicate dance, fueled by such strong etiquette, seems to be overtaking mind and body. I can’t breathe when the beat is dictating how we speak. I’m not sure why we’re pretending … Or are we again? Perhaps the taptic sound is driving me mad. Your grip is giving you away. I hear the soft echoes sway off the robotic chants.

123. 123.

You’ll never let us fall from this stern count. Am I crazy or is the dance driving me mad?

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Friday Fictioneers – Counting Lighters

This here’s a true story.

The moment I realized what rock bottom looked like as I barreled from above.

And tried to hit the brakes but just wasn’t strong enough.

I wasted drunken moments counting lighters scattered around, at least ten collected in my dead flower jar.

Then the music stopped and that moment of eerie silence …

Right before girls screaming and wild stampeding.

“There’s a boy on the bedroom floor. There’s a boy dying through that door.”

In my apartment.

High on my drugs.

Drunk on my liquor.

I wasted moments counting lighters … I spent seconds wishing on stars.

PHOTO PROMPT © Yvette Prior

Word Count: 100

Many thanks as always to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

I honestly do not know if this will work in 100 words, I like it but I also know it seems kind of abstract. 

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Tracing ink intoned sketches
Raising bumps, pleasure seeker give aways,
Across our tender skin.
I can’t bring myself to release these words
I’ve held so long against my heart
And crumbling soul.
I can’t make my lips form the syllables
Of every line I know I’ve ever needed to say.
I’m rendered speechless in the way your eyes
Speak for me.
Reflections of your fingers sliding beneath my clothes,
Along strings of lies,
Pure ecstasy as you strip them away,
Letting your lips trace these matching shades of grey.
You don’t have to do much
I’m rendered helpless, drunk and depressed, slinking into your arms.
Your lips trace my neck and shoulders, your fingers slip every charade I own
Straight to the ground.
But I can’t stay with you tonight,
Though your lips travel over my body and your tongue drives me wild.
I grasp at your hair and the strands of reality I have left;
Desperately trying to hold on
To the moments when our breath moves as one.
I hope you’ll forgive me,
I just can’t stop slipping.
In and out of time I fall, here with you
Then into the darkness I’m recalled.
It must have been amazing,
I know it was just right,
Those moments with you, tracing intoned pictographs
Inked to your story, now permanently part of me.

Word: Background

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Delicate words rest between us on the tips of heavy sighs. Elaborate silences decorate our  walls. In place of pictures we hold frames of dust laden time.

It’s a line to cross but something bars us back. Like a horror house of mirrors, we’re stuck with only our reflections.

Though in crowds I’ve found ways to fall out of time. In those places, dozens of blank stammering faces, I’ve never felt more alone.

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If you examine me under a blacklight
Chalk outlines under blue light flash
You’ll see not a thing which doesn’t glow upon me
Words etched into skin, meaning carved to bone
Paths traced from hair to toe
By imaginary fingers, prying as we walk
Stripping me raw as I stand and talk
Every move a dance along a pole
Made just for the eyes of every soul
I am nothing more, nothing less
Pieces of raw, degrading flesh
Fit for consumption, mass presumption

My random word generator gave me think, if you’re interested in generating a word click here

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Quote A Day Two

Today’s quote is one I picked up in high school and have loved since.

Know thyself? If I knew myself I’d run away


I’ve always loved this because we often see things implying that knowing yourself is somehow a destination.

As if humans aren’t ever changing creatures with constant experiences that impact and form us throughout our lives.

Self discovery is a journey and it’s largely never ending.

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No Guarantees

What a shame it will be
When the world betrays me
By spinning on after your gone.


Life can change in a second and we never know what’s coming. We’re not guaranteed another day. Tell people you love them, if you want to say it a thousand times, say it. If it’s been 15 minutes, months, years … doesn’t matter. Be kind, be grateful and feel every fucking second this world offers you.