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When It’s Real

They say when it’s real it’s never over.
It’s hard for me to say,
Without melting into all the sappy gooeyness
That oozes out of love poetry.
But these are things I can say:
When I look in your eyes everything disappears.
I’m reminded that it’s me and you;
A force against the world.
I’m reminded that home was never a place,
Never a cushy pillow or a soft blanket,
But a spot in your arms, against your shoulder,
Moving with your heartbeat,
Whispering all those words grossly inappropriate,
Ridiculously nerdy,
Horribly cheesy,
And never feeling the least bit uncomfortable,
In your laughter,
Your smile,
The way your hands move along my spine.
I’m reminded that it’s support,
Not the unfailing, unwavering, always yes,
Even if it’s the worst idea yet,
But the unflailing,
The ‘honey maybe you shouldn’t’
Not because I don’t love you
But because it’s just a bad idea.
I’m reminded that
When it’s true,
When it’s real,
When another has taken your heart
Making that promise to protect it,
That it’s a conscious choice,
Love I mean.
And I know what they mean,
When they say …
When it’s real, it’s never over.